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wtorek, 14 lutego 2012

Ostatnie ostrzeżenie Anonymous!

Dziś (14.02.2012r.) kilka minut po północy pojawiło się takie oto ostrzeżenie grupy Anonymous dla polskiego (nie)rządu.

We are Anonymous.

We have been following the Anti-ACTA protests which have been occurring in Poland, and now all over Europe. We must say that we are very pleased with the people's actions and the people's decision to stand up against their government. The government has avoided the people's requests to stop ACTA, it has refused to listen to its people, and this is why we stand by the people of Poland. We have demanded that you do not ratify ACTA and you do not listen. So this is why we the people are retaliating against you the government. We will continue to take to the streets in protest, we will continue to retaliate, and starting in April we will continue to disrupt and attack Polish government websites.

We have warned the Polish government multiple times to end this act of fascism known as ACTA. They did not comply. The actions currently taking place are the result of them not complying with our demands and these actions will keep occurring until you listen to the people. Anonymous will continue our attacks on the Polish government starting mid-April and will not stop until we get what we want. If this does not happen, the government of Poland will eventually fall. This is also a warning to all the other European nations. Ratifying ACTA will result in the same consequences.
This is your last warning Poland... You have all been warned.

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